Property settlement

The Family Lawyers at Anthony R Clarke & Associates are known for successfully representing clients in all financial matters, including complex property settlements and cases involving companies, trusts and overseas assets.

Following the breakdown of a marriage or de-facto relationship, parties need to consider how they are going to divide their assets and liabilities.

We are able to assist and advise on matters relating to the division of assets along with other aspects of property matters such as spousal maintenance and superannuation splitting.

Our services include access to the various range of experts necessary to advise in respect of a resolution of financial issues including for example property and business valuers and forensic accountants.

Our team also provides great litigation support, including experienced paralegals and Counsel.

Where an agreement for property division has been reached we can advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective way to formalise that agreement. This may be by way of Consent Orders in the Family Court of Western Australia or with a Financial Agreement.

There are lot of aspects which must be taken into account when negotiating a property settlement and we can provide you with sensible and reasonable advice as to your entitlements, whatever the circumstances.

Our team will provide you with clear and positive advice to help you reach a favourable resolution.

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