The circumstances surrounding the break down of a marriage or relationship can prove to be a very difficult and confusing time not only for you both but also for your children.

Children and Parenting

Obtaining expert legal advice early on can be of great benefit to help you reach an agreement and protect all involved.

As for property division, parties are able to lodge consent orders with the Family Court to formalise their agreement.  Once again, you should obtain legal advice to ensure that your children’s interests are protected.  We can also provide you with advice in relation to how to make your agreement legally binding.

If you are unable to agree about the arrangements for the children of your marriage or relationship, you are required to first attend mediation with a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner prior to commencing proceedings in the Family Court.  There are some exceptions to this rule such as if there is family violence or if there is an urgent aspect to the Application.

The issues to be considered when making arrangements for your children include:

  • Who will the children live with?
  • How much time will the children spend with each parent and other family members?
  • How will the children’s time be divided during holiday periods?
  • What arrangements can be made in relation to things like schooling, sporting activities, health care and so forth?
  • The ages of the children.

We are able to provide you with expert advice in relation to parenting matters.  We can also provide you with advice in relation to children relocation.

We also provide advice in relation to issues of child support, including Child Support Agreements.

We can also assist in urgent matters such as obtaining orders in relation to passport applications.


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